The stone, from father to son

2 May 2017

My father arrived in France in 1958, without speaking a word of French and without one franc in his pocket.

In his native Istria (former Italian before becoming Yugoslav, then Croatian), he worked on road construction and helped his father in his little farm. Arrived in Nice, he immediately found a job of maneuver and, over time, evolved towards mason to finish his physically career as a highly skilled mason.

As for me, I was born in Nice and had the chance (and the desire) to study. After being graduated of a master's in economics at the University of Nice (French Riviera), I worked in a luxury hotel before dropping out, quite by chance, in real estate (management and co-ownership), thanks to an ad in the job offers of the Nice-Matin newspaper.

After these experiences, I decided, while remaining in the real estate sector, to orient me to the business of transactions and I created in 1993 the Istra real estate agency, specialized in properties sales in Nice.

In summary : my father, a mason, built houses and buildings in Nice and I, real estate agent, I sell them ! It is not the same work, but we are in the stone, from father to son.

Today, when the opportunity arises, I am proud to tell my clients that my father participated to the construction of a particular building in which I show them a flat for sale.

In this month of May 2017, there are 28 years that I exercise my professional activity in real estate in Nice, including over 23 years with my agency and always with pleasure.

Serge Cajna

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