Selling times in Nice

2 July 2018

According to a recent study published by, Nice is, among the 10 largest cities in France, the one where the time of sale of a property is the longest.

These delays are 41 days in Paris, 42 days in Lyon, 48 days in Bordeaux, 56 days in Nantes, 64 days in Strasburg, 69 days in Toulouse, 71 days in Marseille ... and 84 days in Nice !

If the delays are still longer in Nice than elsewhere, they still tend to decrease (98 days in 2017), while they increase in other cities.

The study does not explain that one of the reasons of this slowness is the fact that the local real estate market is impacted by second homes. Indeed, the owner of a vacation apartment does not have the same urgency to sell as a first home owner.

Nevertheless, it is an interesting information to compare the dynamics of real estate markets.

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