The Rometti signature in the real estate

17 August 2017

If you check the real estate ads in Nice, you will certainly read the mention "building Rometti" at one time or another, for sure!

Rometti, a name of Italian origin that sounds like a quality reference in the french real estate in Nice.

Rometti, a promoter who operated for several decades and made his mark on the construction of buildings in Nice.

Among his achievements, there are numerous residences on the streets Francois Grosso, Bottero, Orangers, Fleurs, Frederic Passy, Caffarelli, Francois Aune, Andrioli, Potiers, Alexis Mossa, Estienne d'Orves, La Madeleine, Saint-Barthelemy, Georges V ...

These buildings still benefit today from an intact interest, especially those built in the 70s / 80s whose style is recognizable by the generous use of marble.

So, if you want to buy or sell a property signed "Rometti", contact your favorite real estate agent in Nice.

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