My first property sale in Paris

4 December 2020

Real estate agent in Nice, I have just made my first real estate sale in Paris !

Since 1993, when the Istra agency was created, I have chosen to concentrate my real estate activity in Nice, and in particular in the residential district of Baumettes, for which I fell in love.

Nevertheless, it happens that I accept a mission to sell an apartment or a house in another district or even another city, just to take up the challenge ... This is how I just received fees on the sale of an apartment in Paris.

In the past, other clients have entrusted me with real estate for sale outside my area. Here are some anecdotes that show their confidence and make me smile:

- An English restaurateur entrusted me with the sale of a charming house in the district of Mantega Righi; my colleague Camille sold it in a week at the price

- A woman from Neuilly entrusted me with the sale of an apartment in Menton; I refused at first, but she asked that it be me and not another real estate agent. I visited the property located in the magnificent Belle Epoque Palace and sold it!

- An Egyptian restaurateur, a well-known figure in Nice, recommended me to one of his loyal customers; He entrusted me with the sale of 2 apartments in Beausoleil and my agency sold them in one visit

- Last year, I get 2 apartments for sale in Golfe-Juan on behalf of my oldest client (luck or fate had meant that we also worked in the same hotel)

- Recently my dentist asked me for advice on an apartment in Paris as well ... and one of my excellent partners there sold it

I love my job for that too!

Do you want to sell an apartment or a house in the Baumettes district ? 

In another district of Nice ? In Paris, Milan, London, New York… (just kidding)

Contact me.



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