The Passy Azur residence

20 September 2019

The Passy Azur residence is located in Nice, in the street Caffarelli number 47.

The property complex was built in 1968 by the architect Eric Fontolliet for Boggio brothers company. It is a 8-storey building with a height of about 30 meters, on a 580sqm plot land. The condo includes 2 sides (the first on Caffarelli street and the second on Potiers street), 2 elevators and a total of 138 lots (77 apartments, 49 garages, 12 cellars).

The Passy Azur condo settlement was published on June 13, 1967 by the notary Giletta de Saint-Joseph. The plot land (registered F 195, 196, 198 "Saint-Philippe" locality) had been acquired in 1958 from the Faccenda, Dottorini and Clop families. The building permit was issued on April 20, 1967 by the City of Nice.

Yhe Istra real estate agency sells an apartment in the Passy Azur residence.

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