Interview of Serge Cajna in the Evidence Immobiliere magazine

9 May 2018

The Istra Agency

Your partner in the Baumettes’ district

Since 25 years, Serge Cajna is the CEO of the Istra agency that dedicates exclusively on properties sales in Nice, specially in the neighborhood of the Baumettes hill. Interview.

Which is the DNA of Agence Istra ?

Serge Cajna : holder of a degree in Economics at the University of Nice, I benefited of an experience in a luxury hotel and then I have been associated in a property manager firm, before reating the Istra Agency in 1993 on the Francois Grosso Boulevard.  From the first day, I chose to devote myself exclusively at transaction. I also decided to concentrate my action on a perimeter limited to the agency’s area, in order to develop a perfect knowledge of this sector - its history, the typology of its properties, its customs.

What are the particularities of the neighborhood of the Baumettes ?

S.C. : it is about a sector essentially residential situated in the suburb of the city-center of Nice. For its charm, its stillness and its architecture, it interest a clientele both stranger (italian, russian, scandinavian), extra-local (from Paris and Lyon) that local with, in these last years, a growing number of young persons (freelance, engeneers…).

How is articulated your portfolio ?

I have made the choice of a narrow structure, in human size (my collaborator, a trainee and myself), that leans on knowledges developed in the last decades. I voluntarily limit the number of properties that we get in charge of sell. In our sector, the medium budget is about 250000 euros, that correspond to a lovely one bedroom apartment, with a entrance ticket of 100000 euros for a small studio and a rate of 730000 euros for a villa as the one that i sold recently.

In your opinion, how this market evolves ?

S.C. : it remains active with an excellent year 2017 and a 2018 that is taking the same direction. While before we essentially sold properties for locative investment or as secondary residence, these last years I had the pleasure to welcome young peolple that were buying their first house, thanks to the low tax of the loans that allows the solvency of the fist time buyers.

You made the choice to be indipendent on all fronts. Why ?

Currently, I am not enrolled into franchising or MLS. This does not mean that I am isolated because I regularly work in collaboration with other agencies. My target is to work with sole agent contracts in order to put in value the property through pictures, videos, and the particular care I dedicate to its presentation. Thanks to value added by these services, I reach to a quick sale and at the right price. I made the choice to be a real estate agent of the district, that is not pejorative, in reverse. I privilege the proximity and the indipendence through, specially exclusive sales.

What is the principal quality of Agence Istra ?

I can put in value the real estates that are entrusted to me. I write the ad fournishing a great number of information (translated in italian and english). The photos are realised in HDR. On the agency’s website (, we propose also some videos and a geolocation servce that allows the buyers to see the exact location of the property for sale.  Rightly, this practice democratizes itself because buyers want to obtain more information possible before to move. Customers that visit have real interest for the property because they already know its features. All this requires to work more upstream, but this effort is then translated in a greater satisfaction for our customers. Furthermore, their opinions published on website are the best witness.

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