The Mother’s Day

30 May 2021

The Mother’s Day takes place every year on the 4th Sunday of May. It is the chance for everyone to thank our mother by offering her flowers, a gift, a greeting card…

Since ancient Greece, we got in the habit of celebrating mothers. The Romans celebrated the matrons. In England, Mothering Sunday was created in the 16th century. In the USA, Mother’s Day was established at the federal level in 1914. In France, Napoleon had the idea of a Mother’s Day in 1806. Then, there were attempts to celebrate mothers of large families. Mother’s Day, as we know it in France, was officially proclaimed in 1950. It is an international celebration which day changes from one country to another: it starts in February in Norway and ends in December in Indonesia, but most of the holidays take place during the spring, symbol of fertility and rebirth.

With all our heart, we wish all mothers an happy mother's day

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