Your family's real estate agent

21 January 2021

You have a family doctor, a family notary ... So why not a family real estate agent !?

In some countries, people have their trusted real estate agent to whom they entrust all their real estate transactions.

And that’s my way of working since the creation of the Istra agency. I like to think of myself as a family real estate agent and every day demonstrates the quality of the relationships created with my clients who became friends.

Today, I am sharing with you an anecdote. I have just sold an apartment on the Francois Grosso Boulevard, near my agency. So far nothing extraordinary, you will tell me and it is true. What is special about this sale is that it is the 4th generation of the same family who entrusted me with their property. In 27 years (already), four generations have placed their trust in me for their real estate transactions in Nice. And for that, I am infinitely grateful to them.

My advice: choose a real estate agent who understands and inspires you to trust, and make them your family's real estate agent. He will be there to assist you in your real estate projects and above all to advise you with professionalism and kindness.


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