The condominium fees

14 October 2017

Become owner induces additional costs that are steadily increasing.

When you buy an apartment, you are often more attentive to the monthly credit than the condominium fees and taxes. However, these costs will be added to the loan and your budget. In short, what do you need to know ? 

When you rent, you pay only a part of the condominium fees, but when you buy and become co-owner, your expenses increase. Through ownership, you must still pay the housing tax and plus the property tax. I invite you to include these amounts in calculating your housing monthly budget. 

Last tip : before you commit, ask the exact amount of condominium fees and, at least, the minutes of the last general meeting to find out any exceptional costs (façade work, elevator ... ). Nice is one of the most expensive French cities in terms of real estate prices, but also about condominium fees

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