How to choose the right real estate agent?

21 September 2021

When you are looking to buy (or rent) a property, you are mostly interested to the apartment or house you are visiting than to the real estate agent that accompanies you. It kind of makes sense, even if more and more buyers decide to choose an agent to accompany them in their search.

But when you sell real estate, raises the question ‘‘how to choose the right real estate agent?’’, unless you already know someone you trust. In this area no rules but recommendations:

1/ Except in very special cases, choose proximity. The real estate agent closest to the property for sale is often the one who knows the market and the potential customers best. He knows the address and has probably already sold in the building or the street.

2/ Ask your friends, co-workers, neighbors to recommend a real estate agent whose services they have already used with satisfaction. In this job with a strong human connotation, word of mouth works.

3/ Check the real estate agent’s reputation. Nowadays, the internet allows us to collect relevant information. Type the name of the agency on Google and review customer opinions. Same thing on social networks and on comparison sites

4/ Real estate is also concrete, physical. Look at the window of the real estate agency. Is it modern and digital? Are properties highlighted? Do you want to enter.

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