The Castle Hill of Nice

9 November 2017

The Castle Hill is one of the favorite places for locals and tourists. It is a park of 19 hectares located on one of the hills of Nice, with an exceptional view of the Angels's Bay and the harbor of Nice.

The castle hill is the birthplace of Nice. This limestone rises to 93 meters. The south side was occupied by the castle for seven centuries and the northern part housed the first houses and then the citadel. On this hill, Catherine Ségurane became famous.

Overlooking the plains of Paillon and the sea, this site has always been occupied, first by the Ligurians and Greeks, then by the inhabitants of Cemenelum. The hill became the city, with a tower, a cathedral, churches, hospitals, markets, many houses and palaces.

Reinforced and strengthened over time by the Counts of Provence and the dukes of Savoy, the castle hill will suffer several attacks, including the Franco-turkish siege in 1543, a new attack by the French in 1691, and later the troops Louis XIV in 1705. The castle and the walls were destroyed in 1706.

In 1828 the King of Sardinia decided to create a park on the hill. With its exceptional sea view, it become the place to visit for all the aristocracy. In 1860, Napoleon III, the new king after the annexation of Nice to France, said: "This is the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen, it's lovely."

Despite the destruction, the hill of the castle still retains traces of the past. Nowadays you can see : the Bellanda tower, the water falls, the first modern cemetery of Nice with magnificent tombs, many ruins discovered, and the great Memorial.

If you don’t know this beautiful place, here's how to get there. There are various entry points : rue Ségurane, the square Guynemer, quai Rauba-Capéu (with an elevator or the stairs), rue Rossetti, rue Providence, rue Sainte Claire and rue du Chateau.

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